As a valued customer, we at Maxim sincerely thank you for your continued business and trust in us. Since we started in 1948, we have evolved and grown to serve you and your customers better.

We were originally known as Savolite, and now as Maxim and have maintained 2 separate manufacturing brands - Maxim in Delta, BC and Maxim in Regina, SK.

To streamline and remove redundancy, as of July 1, 2012 Maxim will go to market under a single brand Maxim Technologies. This integration will create 1 website and focus marketing efforts and product development while eliminating potential confusion from having two brands selling the same product lines. In addition this will simplify CFIA, Kosher, EcoLogo, DIN and other regulatory and third party certification. For the next few months we will be updating all Product information sheets and marketing materials to reflect our new common branding.

The trusted products you and your customers continue to rely on will not change and our commitment to best in class solutions, and the environment we share will not waver. All existing products, their quality and their consistency will remain the same.

Thank you again for your business!