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Carpet Care

- Emulsifiers & Bonnet Cleaners  


BLAST is designed for the professional cleaner to minimize residues and accelerate cleaning times. The highly concentrated formula decreases cost and increases production.

BLAST is safe for all types of synthetic fibres and with minimal residue prevents rapid resoiling and accelerates drying time.

4X3.78L Case


ORBIT is a state of the art, low moisture encapsulation carpet cleaner. Heavy soils such as oils and dirt are rapidly emulsified and absorbed into a bonnet or suspended in crystal form for later vacuuming when used with the brush method.

ORBIT's remaining crystals capture the soils and allow for easy release when vacuumed. Carpets look cleaner and brighter and resist resoiling longer.

4X3.78L Case


PERFECT is designed for the heavy use commercial cleaning situation. PERFECT will attack the toughest of ground in soils. It's formulation allows the professional a diverse array of cleaning methods. PERFECT can be use as an extraction emulsifier, a prespray or even a bonnet cleaner. PERFECT has been designed for the commercial cleaner in mind to allow maximum performance, with the flexibility needed in a variety of cleaning situations.

4X3.78L Case