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AquaBac is a living, non-pathogenic bacterial treatment, which breaks down and liquefies solids such as fats, proteins, carbohydrates and grease. The carefully cultivated bacteria are the active components behind AquaBac's ability to quickly break down waste and eliminate odors. With over 200 billion spores per gallon, this synergized blend of multi-strain bacteria in AquaBac remain 100% active until their work is done, at which time they begin rebuilding their colonies to replace fatalities and the cycle is repeated, resulting in a successful ongoing drain or grease trap maintenance program.

AquaBac is recommended for use in all areas where Odor Control and cleaning can benefit from the use of an all natural and environmentally friendly alternative to harsh and dangerous chemicals: hospitals, nursing homes, schools, prisons, apartments, funeral homes, kennels, clinics, industries, golf courses, recreational vehicles, marinas, septic tanks, sump-pumps, wet wells, porta-toilets and for eliminating odors from carpets, animal and pet odors. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING.

12x946mL Case / 4x3.78L Case / 18.9L Pail / 208L Drum


BURLESQUE floor finish stripper does an incredible job of removing synthetic finishes and natural waxes using cold water. Stripping floors comes easy with Burlesque due to its strong wetting, penetrating, emulsifying and suspending characteristics.

BURLESQUE allows you to do one of the most labor intensive floor procedures with ease. Following the recommended procedures, Burlesque will remove most conventional finishes the first time.

4x3.78L Case / 18.9L Pail / 2x10L Twin


DIGEST is a non-corrosive, non-acid and non-alkali product made especially for the treatment of drains and grease traps. It is recommended for restaurants, commercial kitchens and the agri-food industries. Digest is CFIA approved and BC Kosher certified. DIGEST is easy to use, reduces the obstructions in drain lines and is safe for hand users and the plumbing system. This environmentally responsible product allows you peace of mind by not having heavy acids where accidents might occur.

DIGEST helps to eliminate the source of nauseous odors produced by the decomposition of organic matter. It can help generate substantial cost savings by eliminating down time caused by blocked drains and grease traps.

12x946mL Case / 4x3.78L Case / 2x10L Twin


Ecofect has been formulated to aid in the reduction of cross-contamination on treated surfaces in institutions and industry. Ecofect is a one-step neutral disinfectant that is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria when used as directed. When used as directed, Ecofect will deodorize surfaces in rest room and toilet areas, behind and under sinks and counters, garbage cans and garbage storage areas, and other places where bacterial growth can cause malodors. Ecofect is recommended for use in nursing homes, public rest rooms, institutions, schools, colleges, food processing plants, food storage areas, kitchens and restaurants. Ecofect contains no phosphorous and is a neutral pH disinfectant cleaner that disinfects, cleans and deodorizes in one labor saving step.

Use Ecofect on finished floors, high speed burnished floors, conductive flooring, washable walls, tables, chairs, bathroom bowls, sinks, basins, shower stalls, tubs, glazed tiles, toilet, countertops, stove tops, exteriors surfaces of appliances and refrigerators, cabinets, garbage cans, tables, outdoor furniture, chairs, desks, telephones, door knobs and handles, and glass surfaces including windows and mirrors.

Ecofect is a Hospital Disinfectant at 16 ml per litre, (1:64 dilution), modified in the presence of 250 ppm hard water with a 10 minute contact time. Ecofect is a Bactericidal according to the AOAC Use Dilution Test method, modified in the presence of 5% serum.

4x3.78L Case


EVOLUTION floor finish combines the most up-to-date advances in polymer technology to give you unsurpassed gloss, black heel mark resistance and superior wear characteristics. This work horse product is ideal for any institutional, industrial or hospitality market.

EVOLUTION has exceeded the standards set by ASTM for slip resistance. The water and detergent resistant characteristics make it a natural choice. Evolution can be used in any buffing or burnishing program.

4x3.78L Case / 18.9L Pail / 2x10L Twin


GLASSMAX represents a new era for concentrated glass and surface cleaners. It is a biodegradable product that is safe to use, cleans super fast and will dry streak-free.

GLASSMAX can be used on a variety of surfaces such as glass, mirrors, plastics, laminates, computer screens, marble and tile. The complex blend of pH neutral wetting agents and detergents makes GlassMax your No.1 choice for window cleaning.

4x3.78L Case

Go ManGo

Go ManGo is a mild, foaming hand soap with a rich and creamy texture for use in all areas of your operation. Go ManGo is carefully formulated in the pH range of 5.5-6.5, providing a gentle and smooth touch on the skin, but with great cleaning performance.

Go ManGo contains only biodegradable and low-VOC ingredients and has been formulated to follow EcoLogo's criteria in CCD-104 and Green Seal's GS-41 Hand Cleaners / Hand Soaps. After washing, Go ManGo leaves hands clean and refreshed.

4x3.78L Case


GOOD RIDDANCE contains natural micro-organisms that will reduce unpleasant odors that are created in restrooms by urine and feces. Unlike masking agents which cover up problem areas, it will neutralize the foul odors at the source.

GOOD RIDDANCE cleans and leaves a unique bio-film on the treated surface which helps to prevent any build-up of organic matter. It has a fast acting component that has a residual effect lasting for several hours.

12x946mL / 4x3.78L Case


GREASE THIEF has enzyme-based properties to penetrate and clean floor tile and grout especially in commercial kitchens where appearance and safety are a concern. Grease Thief is CFIA approved and BC Kosher certified.

GREASE THIEF as its name implies will steal oil and grease from your floor by using its dual cleaning actions to penetrate and suspend while not allowing re-depositing on the floor.

GREASE THIEF, with repeated regular cleaning, will bring most floors back to their original appearance. The environmentally responsible formulation helps to provide added safety to users and materials as well.

4x3.78L Case / 18.9L Pail / 2x10L Twin


HYDROGENIC was developed by our chemists to enhance the power of peroxide and combine with detergents to provide fantastic cleaning and deodorizing. All commercial, institutional and hospitality markets will benefit from this exceptional product.

HYDROGENIC uses the proven power of peroxide to brighten and deodorize a variety of surfaces. Its unique blend of detergents penetrates and emulsifies grease, grime and dirt. Hydrogenic has a slight breezy citrus scent that leaves surfaces smelling clean and fresh. Naturally, Hydrogenic is fully biodegradable. The peroxide itself (H2O2) breaks down quickly into water and oxygen.

4x3.78L Case / 18.9L Pail / 2x10L Twin


I-CE-PEARL is a quality pearlized lotion hand soap that is specially formulated for bulk soap dispensers. This moisturizing hand soap will not clog your dispensers and is recommended for use in the washrooms of schools, restaurants and other public facilities.

I-CE-PEARL has EcoLogoM Certification (certified by ECP, an Environment Canada Program) which guarantees you are using one of the most environmentally responsible hand cleaners on the market today.

The mild surfactants in I-CE-PEARL produce a generous lather with superb cleaning performance while the addition of emollients leaves a moist and supple feel to the skin.

I-CE-PEARL (pronounced: I-See-Pearl) is exactly as the name says. A white pearl with no added perfumes, serves to satisfy the growing demand for hand soaps that are fragrance and pigment-free.

4x3.78L Case / 18.9L Pail


MULTIMAX is a highly concentrated cleaner designed to remove a variety of grease, grime and dirt. It can be used on any surface that would not be damaged by water.

MULTIMAX has a unique detergency that gives powerful wetting, penetration and suspension while being gentle for the environment. Naturally, MultiMax is a biodegradable formulation. For deep scrubbing with automatic floor scrubbers, MultiMax should be your No.1 choice.

4x3.78L Case / 18.9L Pail / 2x10L Twin


NEUTRAMAX was developed by our chemists as a neutral pH cleaner that is biodegradable and safe to use on surfaces that can be cleaned with water.

NEUTRAMAX has a unique formulation that will not yellow or dull today's floor finishes. It is safe to use on most floors such as vinyl, composite, PVC, linoleum, sheet vinyl, marmoleum, laminate, quarry tile, terrazzo, sealed wood, marble and concrete.

4x3.78L Case / 18.9L Pail / 2x10L Twin


Oxy-Slam is a powerful citrus degreaser with the extra boost of hydrogen peroxide. This unique blend of cleaning agents makes Oxy-Slam one terrific degreaser and emulsifier.

Oxy-Slam is 100% biodegradable while being designed for a number of industrial and food plant applications. This formulation easily removes oil and grease while leaving a fresh natural citrus scent.

4x3.78L Case


OXYGENIC was developed by our chemists to combine the power of peroxide with biodegradable emulsifying detergents to provide fantastic cleaning and deodorizing results. All commercial, institutional and hospitality markets will benefit from this exceptional product.

OXYGENIC uses the proven power of peroxide to brighten and deodorize a variety of surfaces. Its unique blend of detergents penetrates and emulsifies grease, grime and dirt.

4x3.78L Case / 18.9L Pail / 2x10L Twin


Oxygentle is a liquid oxygen bleach, effective in removing stains from coloured fabrics that chlorine bleach cannot be used on. Oxygentle contains Hydrogen Peroxide and quickly disperses throughout entire wash compartment using an Oxidation process to remove organic stains. There are no harmful waste products from using Oxygentle, just oxygen and water!

As well as preventing fabric discolouration from iron deposits, Oxygentle can be used on polyester fabrics or any other materials adversely affected by chlorine bleach.

4x3.78L Case / 18.9L Pail


SENSIBOWL is a breakthrough in cleaning technology. This powerful toilet and washroom cleaner uses a completely new ingredient that is not corrosive to end users or most washroom surfaces. A unique and "sensible" formula that is extremely effective at cleaning and removing rust and scale from toilets can also be used to remove scale from washroom fixtures without damaging chrome or brass. Sensibowl has stable hard water tolerance that gives effective cleaning action even in hard water conditions.

SENSIBOWL does not have a strong acid smell. It eliminates the "fuming" of traditional hydrochloric acid products and is replaced by an apple fragrance that leaves the surfaces smelling clean and fresh. Sensibowl does not corrode materials that the traditional hydrochloric cleaners do and yet is highly effective in its cleaning performance, saving both time and money.

12x1L Case

Washroom Sense

Washroom Sense is a complete washroom and fixture cleaner that keeps basins, showers, bowls, urinals and washroom surfaces clean in one easy step. It's mild, acidic formula removes soap film, body oils, makeup and mineral deposits from any washable surface without damage. Washroom Sense is one-step cleaner with a clean fragrance that cuts through grime and requires no rinsing.

High gloss surfaces such as chrome and stainless steel may be polished with a clean, dry cloth, if desired. Washroom Sense is also very effective at removing those difficult stains from ceramic tile floors and grouting.

4x3.78L Case