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Commercial Laundry

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Max P.O.G Spotter (Paint, Oil, & Grease)

Max P.O.G Spotter (Paint, Oil, & Grease) is a non-volatile wet and dry spotter. Max P.O.G Spotter quickly penetrates beneath the spot and creates a suspension between the spot and the fibre. Max P.O.G Spotter is a ready-to-use formula that is effective on gums, paints and oily soils.

12x1L Case

Max Peroxide Spotter

Max Peroxide Spotter is a high grade peroxide spotter. Max Peroxide Spotter's concentration makes easy work in the removal of persistent stains. Max Peroxide Spotter is highly effective on coffee, wine, most fruit juices and much more.

Max Peroxide Spotter's low VOC formulation and its ability to self-neutralize makes it a natural choice for the professional cleaner. Free-rinsing Max Peroxide Spotter removes the concern for residue resoiling and is safe on all synthetic fibres.

12x946mL Case

Max Protein Spotter

Max Protein Spotter is a professional grade spotter designed for the toughest protein stains. Max Protein Spotter breaks down the proteins of the foreign matter and eliminates odors associated to the spill.

Max Protein Spotter is fast-acting and safe to use on all synthetic fibres in fabrics in a Commercial Laundry load. Effective in the removal of foodstuffs as well as some bodily fluids, Max Protein Spotter's ready-to-use formula and short dwell time makes it an important tool in the professional cleaner's arsenal.

12x946mL Case


Rust-Out has rapid penetration into fabrics for rust removal. Removes rust from cotton, linen, silk, wool, and synthetic fibers.

12x450mL Case