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NeutraCare is one of our non-conventional, 'electrolytic surfactant based', non toxic, biodegradable, multi-purpose and neutral floor cleaners. With a neutral pH, NeutraCare efficiently removes surface soils without chemically disturbing the finish.

NeutraCare electrolytically detaches soil from the substrate and treats it so that it actually repels soil and stays clean longer. Because NeutraCare doesn't rely on pH, solvents, ammonia or caustic builders, it's safe to use on all washable surfaces and is completely effective in hard or soft, hot or cold water.

4x3.78L Case/ 18.9L Pail


NeutraLite is a versatile neutral detergent with excellent cleaning characteristics. It can be used on hard floors and on carpeting too. In fact, this economical and gentle detergent is safe to use on all washable surfaces.

Its low foaming nature makes NeutraLite highly effective in automatic scrubbers. The neutral pH of NeutraLite assures that it will not harm your floor finishes, carpets, walls or equipment.

4x3.78L Case/ 18.9L Pail


NEUTRAMAX was developed by our chemists as a neutral pH cleaner that is biodegradable and safe to use on surfaces that can be cleaned with water.

NEUTRAMAX has a unique formulation that will not yellow or dull today's floor finishes. It is safe to use on most floors such as vinyl, composite, PVC, linoleum, sheet vinyl, marmoleum, laminate, quarry tile, terrazzo, sealed wood, marble and concrete.

4x3.78L Case/ 18.9L Pail / 2x10L Twin


NeutraPower is a truly multi-purpose product! This moderate foaming and neutral product is excellent for floors, walls, counter-tops, sinks, tubs and ceramic tiles. It's great in kitchen settings where grease may be tracked across the floor.

NeutraPower is specially formulated using soil repelling, 'electrolytic surfactant' technology and is great for use with automatic scrubbers.

4x3.78L Case/ 18.9L Pail