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- Restorers  


Armor-Ace is your premium choice when you want your floors to shine for a long…long time. It cleans, it restores, it enhances shine and it strengthens the floor finish to resist wear, thus reducing the frequency of recoating and stripping…and that saves you time and money!

Armor-Ace floor finish top shield…it's like adding the protection of armor plating to your floor. An easy to use, highly concentrated, unique blend of tough polymers and neutral surfactants synergistically combined to restore your floor finish to a wet look shine while cleaning it.

4x3.78L Case


Restorer is formulated to enhance any of M-chem's floor finish products to their original gloss. It fills in the scratches and scuffs for a smoother shine while hydrating and lubricating the finish for superior burnishing.

Restorer is engineered with highly specialized ester-groups that actually repel heel marks. Rather than being drawn into the finish as in the case with most conventional products, Restorer keeps them just resting on the surface where they wipe right off with one of our electrolytic based cleaning products… this saves you time and money!

4x3.78L Case