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When you need a premium quality, new technology, semi-permanent floor sealer...Holdout® is your best choice! Holdout® is scientifically formulated for use on a wide variety of non-wood flooring surfaces, including resilient, concrete, terrazzo and unglazed quarry tile.

Holdout® is engineered to resist spills found in hospital, health care and other institutional settings. Since Holdout® is a sealer, we recommend that any one of our floor finishes be used as a final top-coat such as Max Shine.

4x3.78L Case / 18.9L Pail


Foundation is a water-based, acrylic sealer for added protection to resilient floors. Because of the new polymer technology, many floor finishes can be used without a sealer.

Foundation is a removable polymer seal that will resist deep scrubbing, but can be stripped off when needed with an M-chem stripping solution such as #1 Remover.

4x3.78L Case / 18.9L Pail

Stone Clad

Stone Clad is a special, water-based sealer/finish designed for use on nonresilient surfaces such as marble, granite, slate, quarry tile, terra cotta, concrete, ceramic tile and brick.

Stone Clad's a tough finish, formulated to protect and beautify natural stone and tile floors. Stone Clad has excellent adhesion to these hard, porous surfaces and shows good water resistance. It provides great initial gloss which can be maintained with a buffing program and Stone Clad is easily strippable.

4x3.78L Case