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- Aerosols  


BLASTMAX™ is a unique foaming spray that clings to surfaces and provides extended cleaning contact time. Contains powerful, water soluble, grease dissolving agents and detergents for quick cleaning action. Deodorizes as it cleans, leaving the area with a fresh citrus fragrance.

12X453G Case


ECOSOL™ is a concentrated degreaser and cleaner incorporating superior deodorizing properties. Quickly penetrates and dissolves grime, ink, oil, grease, fats, adhesives, putty, wax, rubber marks, asphalt, tar and other soils allowing them to be easily wiped away or flushed off with water. Provides the widest range of use in all industrial, institutional, agricultural and commercial settings.

12X453G Case


ElectraMax™ is a highly effective solvent degreaser for the removal of oil, grease, dirt, grime, wax and other soil films from both-metallic and non-metallic surfaces. ELECTRAMAX is a non-flammable spray with a high dielectric strength 33kV, making it safe for use on any electrical equipment, even while in operation.

12X568G Case


FlexiLube™ is a penetrating foam lubricant which provides continuous protection for cables, chains and wire ropes. Will not break down, even under conditions of water, salt or chemical exposure.

12X425G Case


GalvMax™ is a zinc rich cold-spray galvanizing process created to give full galvanized protection to all iron or steel surfaces exposed to rust and corrosion.

12X369G Case


LooseMax™ is a mixture of active rust dissolvers in conjunction with a unique blend of lubricants making it far more effective than conventional penetrating products. Provides superior lubrication during dissembly to prevent seizing.

12X376G Case


Lube-Dri™ is an extremely fine dispersion of fluorotelomer with outstanding film forming properties providing a clean, odourless, quick-drying, non-staining, oil-free microscopic film more slippery than oil, graphite or silicone. Lube-Dri™ adheres well to surfaces such as rubber, metal, wood, glass, paper, plastic, elastomers and fibre and is effective under extreme pressures and temperatures ranging from -100 F to +500 F.

12X284G Case


Lube-Sil™ is a high quality, clear, pure food grade dry silicone friction reducing film for effectively eliminating binding and sticking of all types as well as acting as a release agent under a wide range of temperatures on all types of surfaces.

12X368G Case


Provides protective food grade coating to prevent rust and corrosion. MAXICOTE™ provides pure sanitary food grade oil film lubrication and/or corrosion protection for a wide range of applications specifically within the food and beverage processing industries and particularly where exposure to edible product is of concern. MAXICOTE™ consists of pure liquid petrolatum U.S.P. food grade lubricants and penetrants.

12X454G Case


MaxTrax ™ is a unique fast tack belt conditioning formula providing positive grip and reduced slip on all types of rubber, leather, canvas, fabric or synthetic material belts. Increases efficiency and extends belt life.

12X340G Case


Penetrol™ is a handy multi-functional electro-mechanical spray for virtually any use on virtually any surface. Easy to apply and ready to use, non-drying, penetrating, lubricant and protectant with a high dielectric strength may be used on any electrical part makes it ideal for unlimited applications. Eliminates costly multi-product purchase and storage. Reduces staff “where to use what ” confusion. Never dries, retards corrosion and prevents rusting, loosens nuts, bolts, rust and scale while leaving a surface tenacious molecular water displacing shield and lubricating film. Prevents mechanical and electric failures due to moisture and/or corrosive atmospheres. Preserves and prolongs the life of valuable equipment. Extends the life of all types of lighting indoor/outdoor by reducing potential metal fusion caused from heat, corrosion and moisture buildups and makes maintenance and replacement easier.

12X385G Case


TEF-LUBE ™ penetrates deeply on application, then quickly sets up to a high performance, heavy duty, semi-transparent, PTFE impregnated synthetic grease with unique cohesive and adhesive action that keeps surfaces coated with PTFE film even under high pressure, extreme temperatures and high speeds. Extremely resistant in the face of harsh environments such as water and detergent wash-out, oxidation, acid, dirt and salt spray. Protects against friction, wear and corrosion.

12X305G Case