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Barnacle Bones

Barnacle Bones is a non-shrink mortar product that is used in conjunction with Portland Cement and silica or finishing sand. Barnacle Bones was designed for the concrete products manufacturer who has ready supplies of sand and Portland Cement, and thus has no need for purchasing patching compounds premanufactured. This high strength concrete and masonry patching compound offers sulfate resistance and is stable under wet conditions and elevated temperatures. After initial set, the Barnacle Bones mixture may be shaved or shaped to conform to surrounding surface contour.

18.9L Pail / 208L Drum

Barnacle Milk

Barnacle Milk is an acrylic polymer emulsion specifically designed for modifying Portland Cement compositions. Barnacle Milk is used both as a curing compound and as an admixture in many areas of application.

As a curing compound, Barnacle Milk works by forming a barrier on the exposed cement surface as it begins to set up. This barrier retards further evaporation, retaining the water needed for hydration, resulting in a denser, faster, and more uniformly curing cement. Barnacle Milk reduces labor costs by eliminating the task of wet curing and is effective on either vertical or horizontal surfaces such as tunnels, chimneys, highways, roads, bridge decks, dams, airport runways and aprons as well as curb and gutter work.

18.9L Pail / 208L Drum

Concrete Go

Concrete Go is a specially formulated, highly effective, combination of wetting agents and inhibited hydrochloric acid. Concrete Go is used to clean and protect metal from damaging atmospheric corrosion and removes rust, scale, and cement deposits from steel forms, tools, pipes, fittings, and painted metal surfaces. Concrete Go is non-staining and can be used in immersion, circulation, or manual processes.

18.9L Pail / 208L Drum

Max Form Release-E

Max Form Release-E is a concrete releasing agent for rings and pallets in the manufacturing of precast concrete and concrete pipes. Max Form Release-E is effective on metal, plastic, composition, and wood forms. It will not stain and does not transfer wood grain markings from plywood forms to the concrete surface.

Max Form Release-E provides a waterproof film that chemically reacts with the concrete to prevent adhesion, bug holes; pin holes, and provides an easy and quick release from the form. Max Form Release-E seals fast, reducing dust accumulation, slipping and resists normal rain wash-off. The resulting concrete is ready to receive paints, mortars, moistureproofers, plasters or other toppings.

208L Drum / 1000L Tote