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C-Clean is a dust-free, granular product designed for heavy duty floor cleaning. C-Clean is phosphate and nitrate free, making it a very safe product to use. It replaces solvent-based cleaners, eliminating the harsh odors, fire hazards, and heavy protective gear required when solvent cleaners are used. C-Clean's unique formulation and low foam characteristics allow C-Clean to penetrate and remove grease, tar, oil, and other ground in soils quickly and easily. C-Clean works well in cold water, but warm water is recommended in order to speed up solubility. It contains pine oil, which is effective ingredient in cleaning and deodorizing, as well as giving C-Clean a pleasant scent.

C-Clean is an excellent choice for cleaning areas such as warehouses, food plants, mechanic shops, patios, kitchens and all types of concrete floors. It can be used as a wall cleaner prior to painting, and also on non-waxed floors. C-Clean is free rinsing and will not leave a residue.

20Kg Pail

Citrus Power

CITRUS POWER is made from natural citrus distillate and vegetable oil soap. It does not contain petroleum solvents. CITRUS POWER is excellent for removal of grease and oil from all surfaces. It is specially formulated to be used where harsh chemicals are not tolerated.

4x3.78L Case / 18.9L Pail

Coast 102

Coast 102 is a heavy duty industrial liquid cleaner which removes road film from painted surfaces and steam cleans or high pressure washes away grease and oils. Coast 102 is used in the maintenance and overhaul shops of railroads, transportation and equipment companies, forestry and mining industries.

18.9L Pail

Coast 302

Coast 302 is a heavy duty, all purpose liquid cleaner and degreaser which is a medium alkali at use concentrations. Coast 302 does not contain caustics and is designed for washing paper machines and production equipment in pulp mills. Coast 302 is an excellent cleaner for painted surfaces, forklifts, floors and degreasing small parts and equipment.

Coast 302 can be safely used to clean transportation vehicles and works well on vinyl, canvas awnings and concrete.

18.9L Pail

Coast 309

Coast 309 is a highly concentrated degreaser specially formulated to emulsify heavy oil and grease deposits. Coast 309 is the perfect solution for cleaning engine parts, vehicle maintenance floors, machine shop floors, underground parking lots and asphalt floors. Coast 309 also works well in food processing plants for cleaning and degreasing floor, warehouse and storage areas.

Even though it's a heavy duty formula and aggressively tackles grease build-up, Coast 309 will not harm industrial painted surfaces when used as directed and is a low foaming product that can be used in presoak foaming arches and automatic scrubbers. Coast 309 is also excellent for transportation equipment maintenance and locomotive cleaning where carbon dust residue is difficult to remove. This free rinsing product does not have offensive fumes and will save you money by working quickly at effective dilution ratios to penetrate oily and greasy soils.

18.9L Pail

Degreasing Solvent 202

DEGREASING SOLVENT 202 is harmless to skin and clothing and is non-corrosive. It is easy to apply, has a high flash point and emulsifies with all types of water. It can clean oil and grease spills from floors and walls, remove oil and grease from machinery, tanks, tools, oil trucks, tank cars, locomotives, bilges and bulkheads. It is unsurpassed for cleaning oil spills from harbors and beaches.

For food plant and other industrial use, avoid contamination of food in the application and storage of the product. Do not use in food handling areas.

18.9L Pail / 208L Drum

Degreaser 707

Degreaser 707 is formulated to remove grease, oil, dirt, carbon, cutting oils, inks, waxes, dyes, and other stubborn soils...the big difference is, Degreaser 707 does it faster and more it's engineered to treat the surface and resist resoiling. As an incredible multi-purpose cleaner, Degreaser 707 excels at degreasing and cleaning heavy duty industrial machinery such as aircraft, automotive parts, diesel and marine equipment, machinery, printing presses, production equipment, stoves, ovens...really almost any application where the combination of grease and soil has made your life miserable!

4x3.78K Case / 18.9L Pail

Hot Tank

Hot Tank is a highly concentrated alkaline cleaner containing surfactants, wetting and sequestering agents. Hot Tank removes rust, paint, varnish, dirt, gummy deposits, carbon and grease. Hot Tank extends tank life, prevents excessive soil carry over to oil tank. Hot tank has superior rinsability and is cost effective.

20KG Pail / 200KG Drum

SM Cleaner

SM Cleaner is a non-chlorinated, non-caustic powder cleaner that has been buffered to prevent corrosion to soft metals. SM Cleaner is recommended for cleaning aluminum and stainless steel equipment where a strong cleaner is needed, but caustic cannot be tolerated.

SM Cleaner is also used in a variety of food processing establishments such as bakeries, restaurants and dairies and gives excellent results for the heavy duty, soft metal cleaning required for baking pans, aluminum trays and processing equipment.

20Kg Pail

Super Blitz

Super Blitz is a heavy duty alkaline cleaner formulated with a proprietary blend of surfactants, chelating and sequestering agents for maximum detergency and emulsification.

200Kg Drum