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Basic Bilge Cleaner

'Old Salty' Basic Bilge Cleaner is multi-purpose, biodegradable, non-flammable and environmentally friendly. It works great in your bilge, plus…it can also be used to clean almost anything on your boat.

To keep the bilge clean, be sure to there is some bilge cleaner in the bilge at all times. It will emulsify grease, oil and fuel spills before they can coat the bilge surfaces.

4x3.78L Case

Netting & Knot Treatment #7

Netting & Knot Treatment #7 is an acrylic polymer dressing compound designed for cordage and netting. Netting & Knot Treatment #7 Reduces abrasion, stiffens netting and sets knots in marine cordage and netting.

4x3.78L Case

Premium Bilge Cleaner

Old Salty Premium Bilge Cleaner is a heavy duty, biodegradable surfactant concentrate that uses the natural motion of the boat to emulsify and dissolve the oil, grease and fuel spills that collect in engine compartment and bilge areas.

4x3.78L Case

Rough Rider II

Old Salty Rough Rider II is famous for being able to do it all. If you could only have one product on your boat, Rough Rider II would be the one to choose! Formulated with biodegradable ingredients to quickly remove grease, oil, wax, carbon, ink and many other soils.

4x4L Case / 18.9L Pail /208L Drum

Rust B Gone

'Old Salty' Rust B Gone is a safe and effective special blend of inhibited acids and 21st century detergents that work quickly to remove heavy deposits and scale build up from metal surfaces.

4x3.78L Case / 18.9L Pail