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Citrus Blast

Citrus Blast is an industrial-strength pumice hand cleaner designed specifically for the greasy soils found in shops, garages, factories or anywhere hands get really dirty. It has a low odor petroleum solvent formula that neutralizes the residual odors of diesel and other fuels with a pleasing citrus fragrance.

Citrus Blast removes stubborn industrial soils, inks, resins, paint, adhesives, tar, carbon and asphalt easily. Citrus Blast is formulated with emollients to prevent dryness so your hands feel soft and smooth even after repeated washings.

Citrus Blast is concentrated, fast-acting, gentle on hands and rinses off quickly and easily.

4x3.78L Case


DIGEST is a non-corrosive, non-acid and non-alkali product made especially for the treatment of drains and grease traps. It is recommended for restaurants, commercial kitchens and the agri-food industries. Digest is CFIA approved and BC Kosher certified.

DIGEST is easy to use, reduces the obstructions in drain lines and is safe for hand users and the plumbing system. This environmentally responsible product allows you peace of mind by not having heavy acids where accidents might occur.

12x946mL Case / 4x3.78L Case / 2x10L Twin

Drain Klean

DRAIN KLEAN has an alkaline chemical action that produces and sustains powerful heat to dissolve and remove foreign matter. It immediately clears greasy obstructions, tree roots, food industry waste, and all organic trash from drain lines, sewers and grease traps.

20 KG Pail

Formula 400

FORMULA 400 is a highly concentrated blend of specialized bacteria strains and natural enzymes. It is used in treating organic sludge and odor products in municipal sewage systems, drains, manure pits or disposal systems, grease traps, or sewage collection systems of all kinds.

25x454G Pail

Formula 400L

FORMULA 400L is a synergistic blend of new bacterial strains which have been scientifically developed and selectively adapted to cope with difficult compounds and chemicals present in wastewater effluent.

FORMULA 400L is used to assist in the digestion of difficult compounds found in wastewater. FORMULA 400L significantly improves the performance of disposal systems, septic tanks and sewage lagoons.

18.9L Pail


KL-X is a concentrated deodorant specially formulated to neutralize odor causing substances leaving a pleasant aroma. Use KL-X for septic tanks, waste holding tanks, toilets, sewer systems, RV/marine etc.

12x946mL Case / 4x3.78L Case / 2x10L Twin


Oxy-Slam is a powerful citrus degreaser with the extra boost of hydrogen peroxide. This unique blend of cleaning agents makes Oxy-Slam one terrific degreaser, emulsifier and general sanitizer.

Oxy-Slam is 100% biodegradable while being designed for a number of industrial and food plant applications. This formulation easily removes oil and grease while leaving a fresh natural citrus scent.

4x3.78L Case


Scale Away is an acid cleaner designed to remove hard water scale build-up on most steel, stainless steel, glass, fiberglass, plastic, concrete and ceramic surfaces.

Scale Away can also remove the unsightly deposits from soap scum, mineral deposits and rust build-up on these surfaces including toilet bowls, urinals, shower stalls, and sinks.

Scale Away contains special inhibitors, which prevent corrosion to steel and stainless steel metals while allowing the scale deposits to be dissolved.

4x3.78L Case