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C-Clean is a dust-free, granular product designed for heavy duty floor cleaning. C-Clean is phosphate and nitrate free, making it a very safe product to use. It replaces solvent-based cleaners, eliminating the harsh odors, fire hazards, and heavy protective gear required when solvent cleaners are used. C-Clean's unique formulation and low foam characteristics allow C-Clean to penetrate and remove grease, tar, oil, and other ground in soils quickly and easily. C-Clean works well in cold water, but warm water is recommended in order to speed up solubility. It contains pine oil, which is effective ingredient in cleaning and deodorizing, as well as giving C-Clean a pleasant scent.

20Kg Pail

Clean Away

Clean Away is a multi-purpose cleaner with a wide variety of applications and was carefully designed for the effective cleaning of many types of surfaces. Clean Away is an ideal cleaner for such soils as grease, oil, gum, carbon, wax, ink, dirt, lipstick, crayon, pencil and fingerprints...and because of it's special formulation, Clean Away not only removes the dirt, it also inhibits re-soiling.

Use Clean Away on floors, walls, windows, counter tops and most painted surfaces. Great for removing heavier grease and oil deposits from such surfaces as concrete, flues, range hoods, and machinery.

4x3.78L Case / 18.9L Pail

Clean Spray

Clean Spray is our tough, yet safe, non-flammable heavy duty liquid degreaser designed for cleaning many types of surfaces. Clean Spray is an ideal cleaner for soils such as grease, oil, gum, carbon, wax, ink, dirt, lipstick, crayon, pencil and fingerprints. Use Clean Spray on floors, walls, windows, counter tops, painted surfaces and carpet traffic lanes where harsh cleaners are not desired. Use Clean Spray at a stronger dilution for removing heavier grease and oil deposits from surfaces like concrete, flues, range hoods and machinery.

4x3.78L Case / 18.9L Pail


Intern® is a pine scented all purpose liquid spray and wipe cleaner with 1,001 uses in hospitals, schools, offices and in all other commercial or industrial buildings. Intern® contains a quaternary active and cleans and deodorizes many surfaces such as walls, countertops, bathtubs, toilets, sinks, garbage cans, floors and diaper pails.

Intern® also cleans tough soils such as ink, crayon, lipstick, smoke damage, tar and pitch deposits, oil stains (including those on concrete), animal, vegetable and mineral soils.

4x3.78L Case / 18.9L Pail


MULTIMAX is a highly concentrated cleaner designed to remove a variety of grease, grime and dirt. It can be used on any surface that would not be damaged by water.

MULTIMAX has a unique detergency that gives powerful wetting, penetration and suspension while being gentle for the environment. Naturally, MultiMax is a biodegradable formulation. For deep scrubbing with automatic floor scrubbers, MultiMax should be your No.1 choice.

4x3.78L Case / 18.9L Pail / 2x10L Twin


Oxy-Slam is a powerful citrus degreaser with the extra boost of hydrogen peroxide. This unique blend of cleaning agents makes Oxy-Slam one terrific degreaser, emulsifier and general sanitizer.

Oxy-Slam is 100% biodegradable while being designed for a number of industrial and food plant applications. This formulation easily removes oil and grease while leaving a fresh natural citrus scent.

4x3.78L Case


OXYGENIC was developed by our chemists to combine the power of peroxide with biodegradable emulsifying detergents to provide fantastic cleaning and deodorizing results. All commercial, institutional and hospitality markets will benefit from this exceptional product.

OXYGENIC uses the proven power of peroxide to brighten and deodorize a variety of surfaces. Its unique blend of detergents penetrates and emulsifies grease, grime and dirt.

4x3.78L Case / 18.9L Pail / 2x10L Twin

Rough Rider II

"Old Salty" Rough Rider II is famous for being able to do it all. If you could only have one product on your boat, Rough Rider II would be the one to choose! Formulated with biodegradable ingredients to quickly remove grease, oil, wax, carbon, ink and many other soils.

4x4L Case / 18.9L Pail / 208L Drum

SM Cleaner

SM Cleaner is a non-chlorinated, non-caustic powder cleaner that has been buffered to prevent corrosion to soft metals. SM Cleaner is recommended for cleaning aluminum and stainless steel equipment where a strong cleaner is needed, but caustic cannot be tolerated.

SM Cleaner is also used in a variety of food processing establishments such as bakeries, restaurants and dairies and gives excellent results for the heavy duty, soft metal cleaning required for baking pans, aluminum trays and processing equipment.

20Kg Pail

Tough Tiger

Tough Tiger is a super concentrated cleaner and degreaser that performs thousands of cleaning jobs with ease.

Tough Tiger removes grease, oil and stubborn stains. That makes your life simpler and saves you money because it replaces so many other 'specialty' cleaners with its broad range of applications and it's 'jungle tough' cleaning power.

4x3.78L Case / 18.9L Pail