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Ends Odor

Ends Odor is a concentrated green liquid, formulated with special Deodorizers that neutralize offending odors. Ends Odor has some cleaning capability but works primarily as a cleaning solution additive that filters out the malodors associated with food, chemical processes, animals and smoke leaving behind a fresh minty scent.

Ends Odor is not a bactericide, fungicide or sanitizer but works to effectively counteract odor-causing chemicals. Ends Odor has a pleasant fragrance and is recommended for a wide variety of applications in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, bathrooms, kitchens and any other areas where offensive odors are not acceptable.

4x3.78L Case / 208L Drum


Liquifresh is an ultra concentrated, money saving, odor counteractant. Liquifresh contains an active ingredient that attacks the cause of the odor so that it does not return. Specifically designed residual properties mean that Liquifresh keeps right on working, making it a favorite of hotel, motel, nursing home and hospital maintenance professionals. A deodorant that is pleasantly perfumed and is extremely effective in tough applications like, washrooms, garbage cans, disposals, locker rooms, litter boxes, diaper pails and the like. It is also great for unpleasantly lingering cooking odors, air conditioner filters and other such smells.

4x3.78L Case


NATURE'S ORANGE leaves the home or commercial cleaning location with the clean and subtle fragrance of an orange grove. NATURE'S ORANGE can be added to a fresh water tank or diluted in a trigger sprayer for refreshing an area and is ideal for all cleaning situations where a fresh and pleasing odor will enhance the atmosphere of the location.

NATURE'S ORANGE is highly concentrated, making it easy to use and economical. NATURE'S ORANGE is safe on all fibres and it's subtle, long-lasting effect will be an ally for repeat business and referrals. NATURE'S ORANGE can be effective in the removal of odors on hard surfaces as well.

4x3.78L Case