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- Presoak  

Liquid Presoak

Liquid Presoak is a specially formulated, highly concentrated presoak to loosen food soil from stainless steel cutlery and provide clean shiny results. Also used for destaining coffee cups, tea pots and cutting boards.

Liquid Presoak contains chlorine and when used as directed will provide more than 150 ppm chlorine.

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Pink San

Pink San is a pink, powdered compound containing 3.0% available chlorine. Pink San is specially formulated for presoaking stainless steel, chinaware, coffee cups, coffee pots and tea cups. It is intended for sanitizing soft ice cream machines, milk machines, cutting boards and any other food contact surface. Pink San also loosens dried-on foods such as starches, egg yolk, sugars and proteins.

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Silver Presoak

Silver Presoak is a granular compound specifically designed to presoak or wash silver and other delicate metal objects adversely affected by chemicals such as chlorine. Silver Presoak eliminates the problems caused by other types of presoaks when soaking silver and it's chemical composition reduces the deterioration of most metals that are sensitive to chemicals.

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